The current release of ACPICA is version 20230331

Welcome to, a web site for ACPICA developers where the ACPICA source code and release packages are distributed.
You are invited to contribute to the discussion on our mailing list.

Developer Mailing List

This is the central place for ACPICA developer discussions and issues, and for the posting of source code patches.
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Github Issue/Problem Tracking

File and track ACPICA bugs and problems at our github account: GitHub ACPICA issues

This github problem reporting is intended for ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem and ACPICA tools/utility issues only. Any operating system specific issues should be posted to the appropriate OS bug tracking system.

Note: When you click the github link, you will be taken to a page that does not include this site's navigational header. To return to the home page, use the link at the top of the Bugzilla page or use the back button in your browser.

Problem Reporting Hints

To report an ACPICA/iASL problem, you can:

1) Open a new ACPICA GitHub Issue, or
2) Post a message the ACPICA developer mailing list
3) Send email directly to the ACPICA team (

Typically, we need the following items to assist us in attempting to reproduce the problem:

1) For kernel run-time and iASL disassembly errors, we need the ACPI tables from the machine. These can the binary ACPI tables, or they can usually be obtained by using the ACPICA AcpiDump utility. AcpiDump creates a single file with an ASCII hex dump for all ACPI tables on the machine. We use the AcpiXtract utility to re-create the binary tables from this file.

NOTE: Some unix-type operating systems implement their own version of "acpidump", but it does not produce output that is suitable for us. We need the ACPICA-style acpidump output in this format:

DSDT @ 0x0000000000000000
0000: 44 53 44 54 4E 00 00 00 02 08 49 6E 74 65 6C 00 DSDTN.....Intel.
0010: 5F 44 53 44 54 5F 30 31 01 00 00 00 49 4E 54 4C _DSDT_01....INTL
0020: 31 05 18 20 70 49 4E 54 32 60 08 49 4E 54 32 01 1.. pINT2`.INT2.
0030: 14 1D 41 42 43 44 00 5B 81 0B 4F 50 52 32 11 46 ..ABCD.[..OPR2.F
0040: 4C 44 32 08 5B 80 4F 50 52 32 00 00 0A 08 LD2.[.OPR2....

2) Some output that displays the error. For kernel execution of ACPICA, a dmesg or equivalent file. The AcpiExec utility may also be used if the problem can be reproduced in this way. For the iASL/Disassembler and other utilities, we need the input ASL or AML file that demonstrates the problem.

3) And of course, any other information that will assist us in reproducing and tracking down the problem.