Windows Source Code Packages

The current release of ACPICA is version 20230331
See the changes.txt file for changes in this version.

Windows Source Code Packages

Windows Format Source Code and Build Environment (ZIP 3.1 MB)
Includes entire ACPICA source, Visual C++ project files, and ACPICA utilities.

Windows Format Test Suite (ZIP 3.8MB)
Test suite used to validate ACPICA. This includes ASL files and project makefiles.

The Windows versions of the user-space ACPICA utilities can be built from the Windows ACPICA source code package via the instructions below.
The Visual Studio 2017 project file is located here:


The Windows versions of GNU Flex/Bison must be installed, and they must be installed in a directory that contains no embedded spaces in the pathname. They cannot be installed in the default "c:\Program Files" directory. This is a bug in Bison. The default Windows project file for iASL assumes that these tools are installed at this location:


Once the tools are installed, ensure that this path is added to the default system $PATH environment variable:


At this point, you will need to reboot Windows to make system aware of the updated $PATH.

iASL has been generated with these versions of Flex/Bison for Windows:

  • Flex for Windows: V2.5.4a
  • Bison for Windows: V2.4.1

Flex is available at:
Bison is available at: