Version 20191213

13 December 2019. Summary of changes for version 20191213:

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1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

Return a Buffer object for all fields created via the CreateField operator. Previously, an Integer would be returned if the size of the field was less than or equal to the current size of an Integer. Although this goes against the ACPI specification, it provides compatibility with other ACPI implementations. Also updated the ASLTS test suite to reflect this new behavior.

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and ACPICA tools:

iASL: Implemented detection of (and throw an error for) duplicate values for Case statements within a single Switch statement. Duplicate Integers, Strings, and Buffers are supported.

iASL: Fix error logging issue during multiple file compilation -- Switch to the correct input file during error node creation.

iASL: For duplicate named object creation, now emit an error instead of a warning - since this will cause a runtime error.

AcpiSrc: Add unix line-ending support for non-Windows builds.

iASL: Add an error condition for an attempt to create a NameString with > 255 NameSegs (the max allowable via the AML definition).

13 December, 2019