Version 20221020

20 October 2022. Summary of changes for version 20221020:

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0) Global changes:

Allow disabling of -Werror. For distro maintainers having `-Werror` can delay update of GCC. Since every GCC release might add new warnings that were not yet captured, it might break the build of packages. With this change, distros can now build with `NOWERROR=TRUE` instead of patching either the errors or the makefiles. The default behavior keeps on using `-Werror`.

1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

Added support for FFH Operation Region special context data. FFH(Fixed Function Hardware) Opregion is approved to be added in ACPI 6.5 via code first approach[1]. It requires special context data similar to GPIO and Generic Serial Bus as it needs to know platform specific offset and length.

Reverted this commit "executer/exsystem: Warn about sleeps greater than 10 ms." Due to user complaints about valid sleeps greater than 10ms seen in some existing machines -- generating lots of warnings.

Do not touch VGA memory when EBDA < 1KiB. The ACPICA code assumes that EBDA region must be at least 1KiB in size. Because this is not guaranteed, it might happen that while scanning the memory for RSDP pointer, the kernel touches memory above 640KiB. This is unwanted as the VGA memory range may not be decoded or even present when running under virtualization.

Check that EBDA pointer is in valid memory. If the memory at 0x40e is uninitialized, the retrieved physical memory address of EBDA may be beyond the low memory (i.e. above 640K). If so, the kernel may unintentionally access the VGA memory, that might not be decoded or even present in case of virtualization.

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and ACPICA tools:

Completed the existing partial support for the CDAT "table". Although this isn't technically an ACPI table (It doesn't go into the XSDT), it is possible to support this table in the Data Table compiler. Created one new file, "utilities/utcksum.c", used to centralize checksum generation/validation into one location. Includes changes to makefiles and MSVC project files.

Updated support for the IORT table - update to version E.e

Added CXL 3.0 structures (CXIMS & RDPAS) to the CEDT table

iASL: Added CCEL table to both compiler/disassembler.

iASL: NHLT table: Fixed compilation of optional undocumented fields

iASL: Fix iASL compile error due to ACPI_TDEL_OFFSET. Commit # 10e4763 ("iASL: Add CCEL table to both compiler/disassembler") introduced the iASL build issue. The issue is due to using ACPI_TDEL_OFFSET for CCEL table member reference. To fix it, change ACPI_TDEL_OFFSET with ACPI_CCEL_OFFSET.

20 October, 2022