Source Code Tree

The current release of ACPICA is version 20230331
See the changes.txt file for changes in this version.

The entire source code for the ACPICA project is maintained under the Git version control
system in a single repository.

Important Note: Depending on your needs, the head of the git tree may or may not be
appropriate. The git tree is a working tree that grows as the next full release of ACPICA is
constructed. Commits to the tree are made as individual bug fixes and features are

To obtain fully integrated and tested release packages (Unix and Windows source code
packages as well as Windows binaries), go to the downloads page at:

The ACPICA Git source code repository can be browsed here:

Direct Access to the public ACPICA Git Repository

The Git repository can be directly accessed via

For example:

git clone git://

February 2009: New paths for git server.
August 2011: New paths for repository move to github.
March 2013: New pathname for the github repository